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Funky Christmas Jumpers

Darth Rudolph

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99,99€ EUR
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🎨 Red
📏 Medium
🎟️ Only 1 available
📆 2017

This one is for the Star Wars fans. About 2016 Christmas Jumpers began to get very niche, old Nintendo games like Super Mario had their own Christmas Jumpers, you could get Porsche Christmas Jumpers, they were going super niche and we thought how can we tap into this.

Darth Rudolph was an idea. I can't remember exactly why we never moved forward with it but many times we felt copyright issues could arise and this held us back.

Nonetheless this is an amazing jumper and if you are a Star Wars Fan this is the jumper for you.

This is a one of one and we won't be manufacturing this design ever so you'll have a truly unique Funky Christmas Jumper!