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Funky Christmas Jumpers

Alpine Jesus

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Soar with Skiing Jesus - Alpine Edition! ⛷️🎅

🕰️ Rewind to 2013, and behold the birth of the Skiing Jesus Alpine Edition. This time, the stage is set in the Swiss mountains, where Jesus takes flight after a daring ski jump. The background tells the story as he glides through the crisp alpine air.

🎄 This Skiing Jesus variant stayed hidden. But rejoice! We've brought it back in two stylish colors: Cool Blue and our timeless Classic Navy.

🌟 Why "Skiing Jesus - Alpine Edition"? Picture Jesus soaring through the Swiss mountains, defying gravity with every leap. It's not just a Christmas jumper; it's an alpine adventure!

🎁 Limited Edition Alert! These one-of-a-kind jumpers never graced the masses. Now, they're making their mark, injecting a breath of mountain-fresh air into your festive wardrobe.

🛒 This edition is exclusive to size medium and available in Blue or Classic Navy. Capture the spirit of the Swiss slopes with Skiing Jesus - Alpine Edition!