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  • On Monday after a quiet few weeks our samples arrived. We've a tough few weeks ahead picking out the 2013 designs with so many fun designs to choose from.

    2013 Christmas Jumpers Samples Wall

    With the cold weather in Ireland, fans our making good use of our jumpers. Check out Heidi & Suzanne from WHPR keeping themselves warm in the middle of April with our jumpers.

    Heidi and Suzanne WHPR wearing Funky Christmas Jumpers in April

    As usual if you have any questions just Facebook/Tweet or Email us.


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  • Funky Christmas Jumpers - DMA Winner Funky Christmas Jumpers - DMA Winner 2013

    We were delighted to be nominated for as a finalist for the Samsung DMA's for Best SME using Digital. Last friday was the awards night and we were chosen as the winner. We are very happy with this award and its great to see recognition for the work we put in throughout the year.

    Fabio with Donal , Samsung DMA Winner 2013 Fabio with Donal , Samsung DMA Winner 2013
  • Niall Horan in a Funky Christmas Jumper

    What a great day the Funky team had today. Donal & myself had the pleasure of having a cup of coffee with One Direction's Niall Horan. His dad btw makes a really good cup of coffee! Niall's a really cool kid, had loads of time for us & we can see why he's adored by so many female fans around the world! He got a selection of jumpers and was loving the Rudolph & Christmas tree with lights jumper. He had left his other Funky Christmas Jumpers in London and needed one for going out with his pals for the next couple of nights so we made sure to get his jumpers to him as soon as possible.

    We are delighted to have kitted out himself and Harry Styles over the past week and its the best Christmas Present ever for the Funky Team.


  • Tubridy in our Elf Jumper Tubridy in our Elf Jumper

    Funky Christmas Jumpers are delighted to see our hero Ryan Tubridy in a Funky Christmas Jumper for the 3rd year running. It was a very nerve wrecking week for us not knowing if he would wear one of our jumpers on the 2012 Late Late Toy Show

    In 2010 he wore the now infamous Rudolph The Ryandeer jumper and last year he wore the Skiing Snowman jumper. The elf was a bit of a surprise to us this year but it looked great on him while presenting a fantastic 2012 Toy Show. We are going to have to get him out for a few pints in the elf jumper!

    The Elf jumper had been very popular prior to Ryan wearing it but sales have instantly rocketed and we reckon by monday all our Elf jumpers will be sold out so if you want one get into our store at 60 South William St or order online at !

  • Adrienne Murphy in a Funky Christmas Jumper
    Adrienne has told us that she will be packing our Funky Fair Isle Christmas Cardigan in her suit case for The Miss Universe Pageant in Las Vegas in the coming week. We think she looks amazing and wish her all the luck in the world. Go Adrienne!!

    Adrienne Murphy Tweet

  • One Direction to wear Funky Christmas Jumpers? One Direction to wear Funky Christmas Jumpers?

    A few weeks ago we got in contact with the One Direction Stylist and they were looking for some Christmas Jumpers for the boys. Well there's no better than place than Funky Christmas Jumpers for some novelty fun Christmas Jumpers! So we sent them over the full collection of jumpers and a few days later we got word from them that the lads loved the jumpers. We are still waiting on more info from them on whether they will be wearing the jumpers in a music video but keep an eye out in the papers as once December hits they might be spotted in our jumpers.

  • Funky Christmas Jumpers are proud to be supporting the RTE Toy Appeal for the 2nd Year. This year we will use our shop on 60 South William Street as a drop off location for the Toys. We are delighted to be part of the Toy Appeal and work alongside St. Vincent de Paul and will do all we can to help out.

    RTE Toy Appeal RTE Toy Appeal
  • Check out the mention we received on the Grazia website.

    Funky Christmas Jumper mention on Grazia Magazine Grazia Magazine

    Grazia is a big reputable English fashion magazine and we are delighted to just get a mention.

    We think Christmas has just stepped up a notch, get your jumpers on!!

    Team FCJ

  • Its Christmas in Australia! We have heard that Aussies like to celebrate Christmas during their winter which is our Summer. Heres proof, with some of the team at Seek Learning wearing our Funky Christmas Jumpers.

    Aussies in Funky Christmas Jumpers Aussies getting ready to celebrate in Funky Christmas Jumpers
  • We're thrilled to have made it through as a finalist for the 2012 Social Media Awards. A lot of hard work went into our campaign during 2011 and we are over the moon making it through to the final of the Integrated Social Media Campaign section, competing with giants such as Meteor, Bord na Mona, Electric Ireland & RTE.

    Social Media Award Finalist



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